Mises Seminar.

Austro-Libertarian ConferenceTBD, 2025

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The Australian Mises Seminar is an event that brings together respected economists, political philosophers and supporters from around the world for a weekend of principled, fun and lively liberty related discussion.
Named in honour of Ludwig von Mises, perhaps the most gifted economist and philosopher of the 20th century. Mises was a prolific author who spawned a global movement dedicated to carrying on his tradition. One of his students, F.A. Hayek, went on to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics. Another of his students, Murray Rothbard, extended Mises’ ideas and founded what is now the modern libertarian movement. 
The spirit of the seminar is best encapsulated by Mises' lifelong motto taken from Virgil's Aeneid: "Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito" 'Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it'.
We look forward to you joining the rest of the remnant at our next event.

Liberty Issues

This is what has happened to our freedom, peace, and prosperity:


the amount spent fighting unjust wars

in 75 years


number of incarcerated people for victimless crimes

Each year


days the avg. Australia has to work to pay off the state

Income tax each year


% of the work force is employed by the state

Parasites vs. producers

$1.2 Trillion

the amount of public debt

Total Government Debt is the gross sum of liabilities across federal, state and local Government in Australia.

60 000*

of human deaths were caused by the state

Democide. Per year, since 1960s.


% of government debt to GDP

Figures from 2018 (it's now a lot worse)

What we will speak about

Austrian Economics

Economics is an a priori science whose propositions can be given a rigorous logical justification. This distinguishes Austrians from all other economic schools. All the others conceive of economics as an empirical science, as a science like physics, which develops hypotheses that require continual empirical testing.


If one wanted to summarise libertarianism in one word there are a few key contenders: contract, property, self-ownership, non-aggression, and voluntarism. The initiation of force is unjustifiable. The state is a monopoly of ultimate decision making over a given territory with the ability to tax. It's existence is pernicious and institutionalised aggression. 

Science of Human Action

“Praxeology” was Mises’s explicit and self-conscious elaboration of this venerable procedure for discovering the causal laws governing market phenomena. The praxeological method begins with the self-evident reality of human action and its immediate implications.


A failure of states to function properly. Statism and war are one and the same. What is usually called “war” is nothing but statism taken to its ultimate conclusion. And what is usually called “statism” is nothing but war stopped short of reaching its ultimate conclusion.


Every man and woman must have freedom, must have the scope to form, test, and act upon their own choices, for any sort of development of their own personality to take place. They must, in short, be free in order that they may be fully human.


Justice may be found at the meeting of theory and practice—of deduction, institutions, and the details of specific cases. Sound theory functions as a service to legal practitioners, enabling them do their jobs more easily and reliably.

Photo Report From Historical events

Workers Party Reunion 2011 MSA
2011 MSA Dinner
Nature of ownership
Sarah and Bulu
Ron Manners and Mises Seminar
Walter Block

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